Capitalism, Crisis and Imperialism

How capitalism has developed over the past century and the nature of the current crisis

An introductory course



The course starts on 18 September and continues for eight weeks. It is organised around four themes:

  • Imperialism: how and why it has developed through the twentieth century
  • Capitalism and crises: how and why capitalism generates crises and the changing nature of crises in the twentieth century
  • The nature of capitalism’s current crisis
  • The way in which monopoly and the concentration of wealth ownership impacts on democracy


The course materials are supplied on line.  Participants respond to a series of questions in dialogue with each other and a tutor. Learning results from this dialogue – with participants drawn from a range of different occupations, ages and experience in terms of workplaces and study.

The course fee is £25 waged and £10 unwaged. 




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