Trade Union Education

The Marx Memorial Library Workers’ School

Introductory classes for trade unionists

Trade unions, class and power

Unions in Britain face a historic struggle to survive and build their power. Can they be an effective vehicle for working class aspirations in Britain again? What’s their role in the struggle to build an alternative to neoliberalism?

This short course is an ideal introduction to how Marxist ideas can help us understand the unique role of unions. It also looks at how Marxists have applied these ideas in practice in the past.


What previous attendees have said about this course:

“Very enjoyable and educational. Accessible and useful. A brilliant mixture of theory and practice that I will take back and use in my union work”.

“An inspirational and excellent course. Proper trade union education not training …Having historical knowledge and context can give you confidence that the struggles of today can be won. Thoroughly recommend this course to any trade unionist”



We will discuss key Marxist texts and a look at what we can learn from the history of our movement using readings and discussion. This is a perfect introductory level course for union reps.


Tuesday 17 January: Trade unions - Where did they come from? Why do they exist?

Tuesday 24 January: Trade Union power - the limits and possibilities of unions

Tuesday 31 January: Trade union power in action – then and now


All classes take place at 7pm at the Marx Memorial Library & Workers' School, 37a Clerkenwell Green, London, EC1R 0DU 

ONLY £30 for three classes 

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