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Thursday, 28 April 2016 13:46

New Online Course - Capitalism, Crisis & Democracy

A new way to learn from the Marx Memorial Library - Learn at your own pace, wherever you are

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Starting 30 May

This course examines capitalist development over the past century and does so in order to provide an understanding of the economic and political nature of the current crisis.  It draws on a number of explanations but principally those in the Marxist tradition.  


By the end of the course you should be able to show understanding of the range of explanations put forward for the current crisis and be able to contest arguments that:

·         The current crisis has been caused by over-consumption and too much government spending on welfare

·         Austerity, cutting the social wage and public sector employment, will resolve the crisis

And instead demonstrate that

·         The crisis has been caused by enhanced monopoly ownership of the economy and in particular the control exercised by financial institutions

·         That such monopoly control leads to attempts to dominate the economies of other countries and internally to the erosion of democratic rights


The four classes are:

1. The last BIG crisis

2. Imperialism then and now

3. Today’s big crisis

4. Monopoly power against democratic rights


Upon payment you will be sent by email your user name and password and the ULR for the education website.


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